This is how this journey starts

Have you ever thought how your adult life will unroll… all the things you dream/plan occur in the same sequence you think it would have happened, if so, maybe the story I’m going to share today is kind of sissy… Why!!! my life after I turn 18 has been like writing code. YES!!! and this is how/why it happened…  First I wanted to be a doctor, but when the time to join college came I notice that was not going to be the best for me, I loved mathematics and programming… (so I was not going to be the guy to go to when ill) lol, so I decided to study Computer Science/Software Engineering and this is how this adventure started.

When I was 19, I met my lovely wife, (and as I previously mention, my life is kind of writing code… so this behaviour wasn’t planned at all), she got pregnant, we moved together and 7 years later we got married. During that period of time I had to work and study, but that wasn’t that bad, the jobs I got were as a programmer and that helped me to support my family while I could attend the University.  finally the graduation day come and I could find a full time job, 🙂 lucky me, you can’t imagine what is to have 2 part time jobs and study lol… anyway, I continued to live from coding while my family was still growing, I’m now 33 and I have two boys and a lovely girl, we live in a lovely apartment and just few weeks ago we adopted a dog.

I can feel developing is kind of how my life has happened until now, you dream and plan, try to write some lines of the program and it just doesn’t compile, you make some updates, it compiles, but doesn’t fully work,  you continue to make it work and finally get a stable version with some bugs… but you still have to continue to update it in order to make it work the way it should (or at least how you want it to be).

I feel that’s life, you dream-plan-execute make some mistakes and you try to fix them, but sometimes unexpected things happen that and you just need to react and make decisions on the go, apply hot fixes, release new versions and the goal is to follow a path that will lead you to a next better/worst version.

I’ll continue to write and share what my development team in I face on our daily developing labor, sometimes will get more techy than today, but I hope you can enjoy it.



One thought on “This is how this journey starts

  1. Primo y hermano, muy buenas palabras, tu familia es espectacular, los queremos mucho, Bivi, Juanchi y Javier, Dios te bendiga.

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