Hello World!!!

This is not only the first blog I write down, it’s also my first time with wordpress and as a developer I might say it was created by developers lol… I’ve been sat here in front of my computer trying to customize my blog and of course I want this to look as nice as I could (I’m not a designer BTW)… I’ve been trying to click here and there with so many options I’m not savvy to know what they are for.

Well, this is one of the longest Hello World I’ve been able to write until now, I started 2 hours ago and only until now I feel I’ll release my first blog post, this is my System.out.println(“Hello World”);  in wordpress and I hope is like when coding, it will be the first line of many, some will work other will just be there because I decided to write them down for any reason and might not perform anything nor be deleted because of a comment like  //I decided not delete this because I’m not sure why I commented this line… etc..



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